We are pleased to welcome Tammy Alumbaugh, Licensed Massage Therapist to our YCM team. In addition to a great traditional massage menu, YCM offers pregnancy, hot stone, foot and face massages. We are ready to treat you to a number of luxurious experiences. Please call the studio at (618) 632-5377 to schedule an appointment on our on-line scheduling (under the “Appointments” tab).


Teacher Training

Registration Inquiries: info@yogacoreandmore.com



new student special $25 for unlimited classes (yoga and barre) for 2 weeks

New to Yoga? Consider yourself too tight, inflexible, or high strung for yoga? Yoga Core and More classes will inspire the yogi in you. By focusing on yoga fundamentals we develop body awareness, learn basic postures, focus on proper alignment, and practice coordinating the breath and movements gracefully together. Develop a connection to your physical and energetic body while cultivating strength, balance, and relaxation. Call or email us if you have any questions about which class best suits your needs.

Benefits of yoga

After Your First Class:

Improved Brain Function. Lower Stress Levels. Altered Gene Expression. 

Increased Flexibility. Practicing yoga in a heated room is linked with increased shoulder, lower back and hamstring flexibility, as well as greater strength and decreased body fat.

After A Few Months:

Lower Blood Pressure. Improved Lung Capacity. Improved Sexual Function. Reduced Chronic Neck Pain.

Anxiety Relief. Relief from Chronic Back Pain. Steady Blood Sugar Levels in People with Diabetes. Improved Sense of Balance. 

After Years:

Stronger Bones. Healthy Weight. Lower Risk Of Heart Disease.