General Yoga Etiquette

Please set cell phones to silent if you bring them in the studio.  They are not allowed in the yoga rooms.

No shoes in the yoga rooms, please.

Only water is allowed in the yoga rooms, no sports drinks or colored/flavored waters.

To ensure everyone is allowed to enjoy their yoga practice, please keep talking to a minimum in the rooms and general areas when classes are in session.

If you have any medical condition that may interfere with your ability to practice yoga, please consult your physician prior to coming to yoga class.  A physician’s written release is required for serious or chronic medical conditions.

Hot Yoga FAQ's

What do I need to do to prepare for Hot Yoga?
#1 Most important:  come to class well hydrated.  You should drink plenty of water the day BEFORE your hot yoga class as well as the day of your class.

#2 Fevers, hangovers and serious medical conditions are not allowed in the hot room.

#3 Practice yoga on a light stomach.

What should I wear to Hot Yoga?
As little as you are comfortable with.

Women:  we recommend yoga shorts and sports bra or tank.

Men:  we recommend shorts.  It’s completely up to you whether or not you choose to wear a shirt.

What will I need to practice Hot Yoga?
You will need a sticky yoga mat, a towel and a bottle of water.  If you forget any of these items, water and towels are available for purchase and mats are available to rent.

I have a medical condition, what should I do?
If you have any medical condition that affects you ability to exercise, breath, or tolerate heat, YCM requires that you receive a doctor’s release prior to practicing hot yoga.  Chronic medical conditions such as, but not limited to, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, and any previous heat related illnesses can increase your sensitivity to heat and injury or illness while taking hot yoga.  Please consult with your physician prior to coming into the heated yoga room.

How old must I be to practice hot yoga?
You must be 18 years of age or older to enter the hot room.


General Yoga FAQ's

What if I’ve never 'done yoga before?
No problem!  Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to class to orient yourself with the surroundings.  It is advisable to attend a few lower level classes until you are familiar with the basic poses.  Also, this list of FAQ’s is a useful tool.  If we haven’t answered all of your questions, please do not hesitate to contact the studio.

What do I need to bring to a yoga class?
Please bring a sticky yoga mat, a bottle of water and an open mind.

What should I wear to a yoga class?
Breathable clothing that allows you to move freely.  Keep in mind, you will be bending and stretching, so form fitting active wear is best, for example, form fitting tanks, t’s, yoga shorts or pants work great.

If I have an injury, can I still take yoga?
If you are currently under a doctor’s care for an injury, you need to get permission from your doctor prior to performing any exercise.  If you have an old injury that is causing you pain, you need to ask your doctor what exercises you may perform.  Yoga is not a practice that should cause pain; so if you experience any pain during class, stop the movement or come out of the pose and ask your instructor for a modification.

Do I wear shoes in yoga?
No.  Shoes are not allowed in the yoga rooms.

What do I do if I forget my mat or water?
Mats and water are available at the studio for a small fee.

If I’m running late, can I still attend my class?
If you are more than five minutes late, you will not be admitted to the class.  The beginning of any yoga class is a time for students to clear their mind and prepare their bodies for the class ahead.  A person coming in late to class greatly impedes this important step.

Do I have to call ahead or reserve a spot in my yoga class before attending?
No, at this point in time, we do not require a reservation to take a class.  However, if a class is consistently over capacity, we will require pre-registration.

Do I need to pay for my class before attending?
Yes, you must pay for a class before you can participate.  However, you can purchase classes anytime through our website or just arrive early to purchase your classes.

I purchased 5, 10, 20 or unlimited “classes,” which classes are included?
All regularly scheduled classes are included in the class card purchase.  Classes that are set up in sessions and individual services are NOT included in the class card purchase.  If a class is consistently not well attended, YCM reserves the right to cancel the class or switch it to a session-type payment.